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I just signed up, VacancyCreators!


- 2020/5/4 Additional information -

On May 1, 2020, VacancyCreators willCONETORIThe service seems to have been renewed as

Reference Link:.CONETORI, an "entertainment-specific social networking service," has been launched!

If you were registered with the old VacancyCreators, you are automatically registered with CONETORI as well and can log in with the same ID and password.

I was getting a lot of notifications from CONETORI saying "You are now followed by 00! I used to get a lot of notification e-mails from CONETORI saying "You are now being followed by 00 people!

*VacancyCreators' Twitter account has also been changed to the CONETORI account.


Have you heard about "VacancyCreators", a matching service between creators and companies?

This email received by Toha was the beginning of the process.
At this time, we are pleased to announce thatVacancyCreatorsI will be writing an introductory article for the ~.

I first learned about the VacancyCreators service when I received the email.

  • What kind of service is this?
  • What happens when I register?
  • How do I register for the service?

As a creator myself, I am very interested in the idea of a matching service between creators and companies.

In this article.With the cooperation of VacancyCreators managementI'm sure you'll be able to answer a lot of questions as you go along.I actually signed up for VacancyCreators myself, Tohja.The following is an overview of the situation.

VacancyCreators is still a new service, just launched in June 2019.

This article will tell you exactly what it is!

Please read this blog's first officially sanctioned introductory article!


What kind of service does VacancyCreators provide?

VacancyCreators, thank you for this time~!

Yes, please!

at onceVacancyCreatorsHow do you read that?

Bakan Sea CreatorsIt reads!

(...I was reading Vacancy Creators...)


VacancyCreatorsis a creator-specific entertainment matching platform service.

The service just started in June 2019, but as of September 2019, there are more than 2,000 registered creators and more than 20 participating companies. They have already had several matching results.

First, let's take a look at the VacancyCreators website~.


Nice site!

VacancyCreators Top Page

If you scroll down the top page a little, you can see information about the creators who have actually registered with the service. They all have their own portfolio works on the site.

Matching between creators and companies is established when a company that has viewed a creator's portfolio sends an offer to the creator. Creators can also approach companies.

...But is it okay to look at other people's portfolios without permission? Let me ask.


Can anyone look at the portfolio here?

Registered portfolios can be made public/private and
If it is public, anyone can view it.


So it's not like only companies can view it.

The concept of VacancyCreators is
first (of all)First, a place for creators to disseminate their worksthere is
Matching companies as an extension of this process.It's an image that has


I see - so it's not so much a service for people who want to get a job or find a job, but a service for people who want to find a job.
Creator discovery platformSo it's a more lighthearted kind of service, like the

If the service is completely for looking for a job, I would be a little uncomfortable registering, but if that is the case, I would feel comfortable registering.

So it's OK for people like Toha, who are just doing their own personal production activities, to register for the time being.

*Portfolio disclosure to registered companies only will also be implemented in the future.


...Oh! There was one more thing on my mind!


You know, the fee for the service...

Free of charge on the creator's side!


Oh! What a creator-friendly~!

No service in the world can operate for free, but VacancyCreators is a paid plan only for the company side and free for the creators.


Well, since it's free and you can register casually, we'll just go ahead and do it for now.

I'd actually like to see Toha sign up for VacancyCreators!


I actually registered with VacancyCreators.

I'll register right away~!

There is a very prominent "Register User" button on the top page.

VacancyCreators User Registration Button

Press the Register button to display the user registration screen.

user ID so Email Address so (computer) passwordThe ID is also the URL of your personal page. The password can be any alphanumeric characters, upper case and lower case, and special symbols.

VacancyCreators User Registration Screen

If you are OK, click the "Complete Registration" button.

VacancyCreators User Registration Confirmation

Oh, it looks like I've already registered. That was easy.

VacancyCreators Registration Completion Screen

The "Go to Dashboard" button takes you to the Dashboard screen.

VacancyCreators Dashboard Screen

This is the VacancyCreators dashboard screen. It displays important announcements and information about ongoing contests. (We'll get to the contests later, so let's leave that for now.)


I think I've registered as a user - what should I do next?

First, go to "Profile Settings" to register your profile!


So, the next step is to register your profile. Go to the "Profile Settings" page from the side menu on the left side of the screen.

VacancyCreators Profile Settings 1

It is a bit similar to the profile settings on Twitter. It seems that you can register various information such as an icon image from here. In the Nickname field, the user ID you just set is entered by default.

Nicknames, as noted.Recommendation for non real namesThe name is. You can name it whatever you like~.


What kind of "title" should I write?

Just like "illustrator" or "designer."

I see~.

The required fields for profile settings are

  • nickname
  • title
  • administrative divisions of Japan: Tokyo-to, Hokkai-do, Osaka-fu, Kyoto-fu and remaining prefectures
  • Job Seeker Status

There are only four items

The rest of the fields are optional.


Now let's set up a little bit of Toha's profile in various ways~!

VacancyCreators Profile Settings 2

Um, sorry. I didn't have a good image that I could use for the cover image, so this is what it looked like.

The image set here as the cover image will be displayed on the creator's personal page in a very large size. I think you should set a good image that appeals to you.

For the job search status, TOHA has set it to "not recruiting" for the moment, but I checked "3D modeler" as the desired job title.

The desired job title will be the criteria that will be caught in the conditional search, so it would be a good idea to check those that apply. It is interesting to note that there are also items such as "novelist," "voice actor," and "sound engineer.

Once you have entered all the information, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save your profile.

VacancyCreators Profile Setup Complete

Nicknames, icons, cover images, etc. are now reflected on creators' personal pages!

Although TOHA did not set up most of the optional fields, if you enter them, WORKS achievements and other information will be displayed here. If you wish to be matched, it would be better to enter the information as properly as possible.

By the way, if you search for Toha on the creator search page, you will see something like this.

VacancyCreators Creator Search Screen


Is it OK like this~?

Yes! Now all that's left to do is register your portfolio.


Oops, that was right. I will register my portfolio work next.

If you don't register, you won't have any problems.VacancyCreators is a service that serves as a place for creators to communicateAnd I think it is better to put your own work on the website.

Go to the "Portfolio" page from the side menu on the dashboard or from the icon menu in the upper right corner.

VacancyCreators Top right icon menu

If you go to the portfolio page, you will see something like this. Click on the "Add Portfolio" button.

VacancyCreators Portfolio Registration 1

Clicking the "Add Portfolio" button will take you to the registration screen for portfolio works.

Click on the image tile to register an image of your work, and then enter information about your portfolio work in the entry fields below. It seems that public/private settings can be made for each portfolio.

VacancyCreators Portfolio Registration 2


In registering your portfolio, you can

  • Image of the work
  • Title.
  • Description of the work
  • Production Tools / Production Time

The four required fields are

You can also enter videos and site URLs

What is an "image for listing"?

This is the image that will be the thumbnail of that portfolio
I would be happy to have the first image registered here.

Like one for the cover.


Now, let's register one portfolio work as a trial.

Well, there is currently only one 3DCG work that TOHA can register with the public.

VacancyCreators Portfolio Registration 3

For now, just hit the "Save" button and register your portfolio!

VacancyCreators Portfolio Registration Complete

Oh - I was able to register properly.

The images that can be registered in the portfolio are either PNG or JPEG. If you want to register animated works, you can embed videos or use related URLs.

By the way, you can edit or delete your registered portfolios at any time by clicking on the pencil mark. Also, if you have multiple portfolios registered, you can easily rearrange them.

VacancyCreators Edit, delete and reorder portfolios

It's quicker to see what your registered portfolio looks like in person, so we'll show you what it looks like.[Toha's page on VacancyCreatorsI hope you will take a look at it~.


I've registered my portfolio - what do you think?

Good night and thank you for registering!
That's all the creators need to register!

Oh, it's done! Thank you very much!

What happens to the registration that I've finished?

Sometimes we receive offers from companies that have seen our portfolio.
Creators can also chat with companies and request reservations for tours.


Scroll down the page on the dashboard to see information about the companies that are accepting reservations for tours and other information.

Important announcements, information on ongoing contests, etc. are also displayed on the dashboard, so basically you can just look at the dashboard.

By the way, VacancyCreators is mainly a platform-provided service, and there is no such thing as an intermediary service between creators and companies. The exchange is done on an individual basis~.


Your creator registration is now complete!I was able to register rather easily.

Now let's move on to "contests," which I had put off explaining until later.


What are the contests held at VacancyCreators?

I'd like to know about the contest~!

VacancyCreators also offers design contests and more!
You can submit your work right from the contest page or from the dashboard!

What happens when I enter a contest?

You can promote it as an achievement.
And there's prize money and more if you win!



VacancyCreators also holds contests on a regular basis.

Until recently, we were holding the "2021-chan Character Design Contest". (*Entries were accepted until 9/23/2019 and are no longer being accepted~)

VacancyCreators Contest Information

Contest information and other information is also announced on the VacancyCreators Twitter account.


The works submitted to the contests held will be registered separately from the individual portfolio works. If you look at the TOHA page, you will see that the contest works section is empty.

Where VacancyCreators contest entries will be displayed

...I'm kind of tempted to fill in the blanks.

In addition, VacancyCreators also announces giveaway campaigns and tweets introducing featured creators & their portfolio works on Twitter.

It's like a nod to the service of a place for creators to send out their ideas!

If you are interested, check out the VacancyCreators Twitter account.


Summary: VacancyCreators is a service that anyone can register for.

Introduction to VacancyCreators by Toha & actually signing up! That's all for now.

We hope that you have learned more about VacancyCreators, its services, and how to register for it - and what it really is!


Thank you VacancyCreators for this opportunity~!

Any last words?

VacancyCreators is a place for creators to share their work
Our goal is to establish the industry as a place for matching


Although this service is still in its infancy
We'll keep it going and keep it exciting!


VacancyCreators is just getting started.

This type of service becomes meaningful when it is recognized by a large number of people and many creators actually register for it.

Personally, I would be happy if the service is used a lot by 3DCG creators, as it tends to happen in all services that the number of 3DCG cases is very small compared to 2DCG cases.


Read this article.
VacancyCreators Might be interested?If you think that you are interested in this service, please register as a user immediately.

If you know a friend who might be interested, please tell him or her.

I think that VacancyCreators will become a good service only when a lot of people try to use it~.


Want to register?

Please do!

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