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3DCG Artist

What Is CG Artist's Work? Summary Of Game-Related Work And What They Are Called

The CG profession has become very broad nowadays, with CG designers mainly being those who create computer graphics (CG), but the term "CG" can also include both 2DCG and 3DCG...
Blender 3.3

START Blender 3) - Comfortable Modeling With Recommended Initial Settings

This time, we would like to introduce the recommended initial settings that you should set before modeling with Blender. In fact, we have changed the initial settings to make it easier to use while working with Blender. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Blender 3.3

START Blender 2) - Changing Window Placement & Settings Freely

Blender has various windows, and you can freely set the type and arrangement of the windows to be displayed. In this article, we will explain how to customize the various windows as you like. Toha is a may...
Blender 3.3

START Blender 1) - Customize UI and Make It Easy to Use

Although he has been a Maya user for more than 10 years, Toha mainly uses Blender for his personal productions. When he starts using a new software, the first thing he does is to "customize the UI to his liking. The way to see the software's screen and...
3DCG Artist

How To Make CG Portfolio 2) - What Doesn't Have To Think & What Do Without Thinking

In my previous article, "How to Create a Portfolio (1)", I discussed the importance of properly considering both the audience and what you want to convey most. If you create a portfolio based on this concept,...
3DCG Artist

How To Make CG Portfolio 1) - More Important Is How To Think

What is the most important thing to become a 3DCG designer? If you ask me this question, I will tell you that a portfolio is the most important thing to become a 3DCG designer, regardless of your educational or professional background. A portfolio is super important. Port...
3DCG Artist

What Working Adult With No 3DCG Experience Does Became 3DCG Artist

How many of you out there are thinking about becoming a 3DCG designer, or were thinking about becoming a 3DCG designer but are now working in a different field? Once upon a time, Toha was "someone who thought he wanted to be a 3DCG designer, but now he is doing something else...