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Lopo-san Maker! - 3D Model Maker Online for Avatar or Game

Lopo-san Maker! - 3D Model Maker Online for Avatar or Game

November 24, 2021, "Lopo-san Maker" Releaced!

Lopo-san Maker is a 3D character model maker that can be played in a web browser.
It is made with something called Unity's WebGL and can be played with the same controls on both PCs and smartphones.

*Some functions are limited on smartphones, but that story is discussed in Frequently Asked Questions as discussed later in this section.


This article will summarize what you can do with Mr. Lopo's Maker and some frequently asked questions.

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What you can do with Lopo-san Maker

First of all, please watch this introductory PV. (I did my best to make it)


The following 4 things can be done with Lopo-san Maker.

~ Mr. Lopo's Maker Introduction ~.
  1. Easily create various Lopo-san with a web browser.
  2. You can post images of the Lopo-san you made to Twitter.
  3. You can check the list of Lopo-san's items you made.
  4. You can also make Lopo-san your VRChat avatar.

I will explain a little bit in turn.


(1) Easily create various Lopo-san with a web browser

Lopo-san Maker runs in your web browser!

You don't need to install any apps, and you can play with Lopo-san Maker anytime and anywhere you have internet access - it works (for a change) in the browser of your smartphone.


(2) You can post images of the Lopo-san you made to Twitter

By pressing the Twitter button on the Lopo-san Maker, you can post images of the Loposan you have created to Twitter.

In more detail, Lopo-san Maker uploads an image to an image sharing service called "Imgur" and the thumbnail of the image is displayed on Twitter.


(3) You can check the list of Lopo-san's items you made

You can check what items are used in Lopo-san models made by Lopo-san Maker.

Originally, Mr. Lopo, maker ofBOOTH Toha's storeWe started this project to make it easy to simulate the combination of the Lopo-san series items that are available at


The ability to combine various parts is a feature of the Lopo-san series, but if you think about it, the only one where you can actually see how all parts fit together is the Toha only...

That makes it a little hard for others to Lopo-san variation imagine.


As I wrote in my article introducing Lopo-san's series here.

Since Lopo-san was created as a material model, I hope that people who are considering purchasing Lopo-san items as materials will also Lopo-san Maker and actually try out various things :)


(4) You can also make Lopo-san your VRChat avatar.

Mr. Lopo made by Mr. Lopo Maker. so There's even a service that turns them into avatars you can use on VRChat!


Mr. Lopo's model has always been "low poly, no shaky stuff, but it looks good".I want to use it with my avatar in the Quest version of VRChat.The request was made.

However, because Lopo's model was created in such a way that each part can be combined, the meshes and materials are separated, making it difficult to use the model in the Quest version of VRChat as it is.


...If it becomes easy to create various Lopo models with the Lopo-san Maker, wouldn't it be great if everyone could create their own favorite Lopo-san their VRChat avatar anyway?

Unity Assets or BOOTH Features would work, I thought.

And so, after much deliberation, I could add a service to Lopo-san Maker with create a VRChat avatar.


Thankfully, we have already received orders from several people.

Each and every Lopo-san who requests an avatar is sent out by hand by Toha. Depending on the situation, you may have to wait a little longer, but you are welcome to use Avatarization Services.



Lopo-san Maker : Frequently Asked Questions

From here on, we will be compiling questions that we received after the release of Lopo-san Maker, as well as questions that have not been asked but people might be thinking about, in a Q&A format. There may be more from time to time.

Questions - About Operation of Lopo-san Maker

Long loading time, Lopo-san Maker does not start.

It may take some time to start up depending on server congestion and device specifications. If it does not work after reloading and waiting for a while on a mobile phone, please try using a PC browser.

Security features such as adblocking can also cause loading errors.

When I was playing with it, the menus started to garble and move slowly.

Please reload your web browser and reload. m(_ _)m

Unable to start email from Lopo-san maker.

You are most likely stuck in your web browser's pop-up blocker. On your computer, you may also not be able to start e-mail if your default mailer is not set up.

Text in e-mails is garbled.

If you launch Mail via Safari on your iPhone, the text may be garbled; use a browser other than Safari or update to iOS 15 to avoid garbled text.


Questions - About Lopo Model that can be made with the Lopo-san Maker

I've got chemo ears and I've got human ears... I don't want to have four ears.

In terms of model data, the four ears phenomenon is designed to occur. It is recommended to select "Kururi", "Sarari", or "Cool B" wigs that hide the human ears, or to use "headphones" or "ear muffs" to hide the human ears.

Sometimes when you select a wig, the hat you were wearing disappears.

Wigs "YANCHA A" and "PATTUN B" are not recommended for hats because the hair will stick out. If you choose them, the hat you were wearing will come off.

Can I use Lopo-san made by Lopo-san Maker as my icon image?

Lopo-san in Lopo-san Maker is everyone's Lopo-san, so personalization is not allowed. However, if you mention in your profile that your icon was created by Lopo Maker, you can use the icon.

If you have already purchased Lopo-san as your avatar, you are free to use the image as you wish.

I want to save Lopo-san who made it.

Sorry, there is no save function - capturing and leaving the item list screen may be an alternative to saving.

Is it true that the Lopo-san Maker can create 19 million different Lopo-san?

It seems to be possible to make them computationally :) Since there must be some combinations of colors and designs that do not match, I think the number of patterns that actually look good will be much smaller.


Enjoy Lopo-san Maker!

Since the release of Lopo-san Maker, many people have played with it and posted their own Lopo-san on Twitter - thank you very much!

Lopo's image posted on Twitter is# Lopo.You can see it in the tags - fun to watch ^^^.

I know that the production of Lopo-san Maker and Lopo-san's VRChat avatarization service may not be well managed since it is run by just one person, but...

many years to comeLopo-san MakerThank you very much!

- Do you want to play? -


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