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Writing App Nola - Also Useful For Creating Game Plots And Setting Documents!

Writing App Nola - Also Useful For Creating Game Plots And Setting Documents!

The production of indie games of Toha is being carried out modestly.

I would like to introduce a tool called Nola that I use to compile material on game characters and worldviews.

I will introduce some of my favorite points without being asked for them.

If you are interested, please take a look!


The writing tool Nola is an Effective July 1, 2022, the monthly price of Premium Membership has been revised from 980 yen to 300 yen!We've got a great price, so be sure to read on~!


What is the Nola writing tool?


Nola is a writing tool for writers; June 2022 marks the fourth anniversary of its release.



It is a writing tool that can be used on both PCs and smartphones with data synchronization.
It can write manuscripts, save reference materials, and create plots.

From Nola official website


It can be used immediately upon registration, and most of the basic functions are available even to free members.

Premium membership frees up features only available in the paid version, allowing you to freely customize templates for setting materials and to write while viewing setting materials in multiple windows.


As of 2023, what can be done with Nola Premium is summarized in this image.

Features available to Nola Premium members


Toha is not a writer and does not write.

But this Nola tool is quite easy to use, even if you are not a writer.

I would like to explain what I mean.


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Nola is a useful tool for the indie game developer!


Toha is currently registered as a free member of Nola.

And I'm using it to put together the plot and setting material for a personally developed game I'm trying to make!


Nola has a variety of features to support writers in their writing, including the following features, which are also useful in developing game scenarios and settings.

  • Plot creation
  • Creating characters
  • Creating a worldview
  • Creating a correlation chart


The first thing you do when you register with Nola is to register your work, and the registration screen looks like this.

Nola's work registration screen

You enter the title of the work, select a genre and register it, and one of the genres you can choose from is game scenarios. Indie game developers may also be among the intended users.


For your information, the genres that can be selected are as follows. (*You can also leave this blank to register your work.)

  • novel
  • young-adult fiction
  • belles-lettres
  • cartoon
  • game scenario
  • video scenario
  • script
  • picture book
  • children's book
  • essays
  • essay
  • book


So, Nola is a tool for writing, but it has many uses even if writing is not your main task.

I'll explain a little bit about the four features that I mentioned as useful for individual game developers, in order.


- Plot creation

The plot creation screen looks like this.

Nola Plot


In the free version, the plot template is fixed to "Kishotenketsu", but in the paid version, you can change it to "Jo-Ha-Kyu" or create your template.

In addition to the overall plot, multiple plots can be created, so if you are creating a game, you may want to create one for each important event.


This plot can then be reordered and edited like re-pasting a sticky note.

Editing Nola Plots

Good :)


Incidentally, as discussed below, Nola has a web browser version and a smartphone app version.

And the contents of the browser and app versions are completely synchronized, so they can be used the same way on both PCs and smartphones. You can reorder plots and such as well on your phone. Very good.


- Creating characters

The screen for creating characters looks like this.

Nola Characters

In the free version of the characters template, the items in the above image can be set. In the paid version, you can add your favorite items to the template.


You can set any image you like for the picture of the characters, so you can put your drawing of the character's face or standing picture.

But, You can even set a picture that is close to your image from the preset pictures!

The design of the characters can also be selected from presets.

I borrowed the pictures of the canines from the preset. There are quite a lot of pictures in the presets.


Even if you just follow the character template and fill in each item, you should be able to create a fairly solid character set-up document.

I'm just happy to be able to browse the information in a neat, organized format.


- Creating a worldview

The screen for worldview creation looks like this.

Nola World View

It is made almost identically to the screen for creating characters.

The template items for the free version are as shown in the image, so it is suitable for setting up information on the countries that appear in the work. With the paid version, you will be able to freely edit these items.


- Creating a correlation chart

The screen for creating a correlation chart looks like this.

Nola Correlation

First, create correlations between characters, and then select the correlations you have created that you would like to include in the diagram, and the correlation diagram will be created automatically.

It's fun to look at when there is a correlation chart or something like that, so it has a certain charm that makes me want to make it.


- Attention! -
Nola is a writing tool for writers only, although it has features that make it easy to use for game plot creation and other purposes. For this reason, there is currently no feature that allows multiple people to share setup documents. If the game is not developed by an individual but by a team, it may not be suitable for your application.


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Three personal favorite points of Nola


Now, as to why Toha is writing an article introducing Nola...

Simply because I love it!

I wrote a POTOFU introduction article saying the same thing before, but this time, Toha I would like to introduce three points of Nola that I particularly like.


Toha's Favorite Nola Points
  1. Complete synchronization between PC browser version and smartphone app version.
  2. Simple design, easy to read & moderately stylish
  3. The free version is fully functional.


Let's go in order.


(1) Complete synchronization between the PC browser version and the smartphone app version

lend an eye

When Toha chooses a tool like this, it is important to see if it can be synchronized between a computer and a smartphone.


Nola PC browser version and smartphone app version are fully synchronized


Whenever I get an idea, I have to write it down immediately or I forget it immediately. So I always write them down on my phone, but it is inconvenient if I can't see what I wrote down on my computer!

Until now, I've been taking notes in the iCloud Notepad app. But a notepad is really just a notepad - it's better to put it all together in an app for document creation, so it's easier to see.


This is probably the single most important reason why we chose Nola out of all the writing tools and plotting apps available.

Nola: writing editor tool for novelists

Nola: writing editor tool for novelists

indent Inc.freeposted witha priori


(2) Simple design, easy to read & moderately stylish


I like the look of Nola :)

Although I basically prefer simplicity, Nola's overall design is simple yet chic and stylish, and I feel somewhat comfortable using it.


The color can also be changed, and in addition to the normal white light mode, you can choose from dark mode, sepia mode, or blackboard mode.

Nola Color Mode Change

(*The color of the entire app will change in the app version, while only the background color of the writing page will change in the browser version.)


Also, when you start the Nola app, you can see an illustration of a black cat during loading. Cute.

Black cat on Nola loading screen


(3) The free version is fully functional.


Most features of Nola are available in the free version.

The ability to completely sync the PC browser version with the smartphone app version, even with a free membership, is so awesome! (Synchronization services between multiple devices are often available for a fee.)


Since Toha is not a novelist, I am quite torn if I want to pay a monthly fee to use a writing app. If writing is your main business, I think it's well worth paying the monthly fee... but I don't write.

In this respect, Nola is easy to use for free members, for which we are very grateful.

And the more I use it, the more I want to register as a premium member :)


Good news for those Toha!

What a surprise! Nola's monthly fee, starting July 2022.980 yen → 300 yenThe name has been changed to

Price change for Nola Premium Members


This price revision reflects the thoughts of the Nola management staff on the 4th anniversary, so please be sure to read the staff's Note, as well.


Summary: Nola is can be expected to be updated in the future.


Did we successfully convey Nola's appeal and ease of use?


Nola is being updated on an ongoing basis, with several new features being added as of late.

There is also a posting site called "Nola Novel," where you can publish your novels written in Nola, and a service called "Nola Publishing," which allows you to publish your novels as e-books for Kindle and other devices.

These services are naturally geared toward writers, but if the number of users other than pure writers increases in the future, perhaps another feature will be added or linked to a new service.

I think that is one of the best things about Nola - that you can have that kind of "anticipation".



To everyone reading this article!

People who are writing novels, people who are not writing but are making games, people who are trying to draw manga, people who want to put together the fantasies in their heads into some form, etc....

If you're interested, try Nola!




By all means!


By the way.

There is an article in which Toha talks about "character, worldview, and story," which he considers important elements of games, especially RPGs. These elements are also included in Nola's features.



Nola: writing editor tool for novelists

Nola: writing editor tool for novelists

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