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Blender 3.3

Blender vs Maya ! Comparison of 2 Softwares By Game Character Modeler

Currently, Toha uses Maya for corporate game projects and Blender for personal 3D model creation. This time, I wrote an article that I could write only because I am sure that I am such a Toha. The title of the article is... Comparison of Blender and Maya - Game...
Blender 3.3

Bake In Blender - Gradients With Textures

I need to bake a gradient color into a texture in Blender! So here is a summary of the procedure for baking gradients in Blender. Baking a gradient drawn on another texture to the texture of the production UV...
Blender 3.3

UV Unwrap In Blender - How To Manually Unwrap UVs

I want to do UV development in Blender. I want to open them the way I want and arrange them nicely. That's all I want to do... but I don't know how! When you first start working with Blender's UVs, especially if you came to Blender from Maya...
Blender 3.3

Blender Videos Summary - Making it Easy and Beautiful

We have received several comments on this blog asking us to explain Blender in a video as well. I was not going to do a video because I am not good at talking, but... for some reason, I decided to make a short video of Blender...
Blender 3.3

Bake In Blender - Matcap To Texture

I want to bake a MatCap (matte cap) into a texture in Blender! So, here is a summary of the procedure to bake MatCap in Blender. I'll try to keep it as brief as possible~ Preparation The object to bake Matcap...
Blender 3.3

Bake In Blender - Ambient Occlusion (AO)

I want to bake ambient occlusion into a texture in Blender! So, here is a summary of the procedure for AO baking in Blender. I'll try to keep it as brief as possible~ Preparation Prepare object to be AO baked Object...
Blender 3.3

Blender Modeling [Addendum] - Improve Efficiency By Using Shortcuts & Add-ons

I wrote about the basics of modeling in Blender in two articles, Modeling in Blender [Practical] and [Knowledge]. ...
Blender 3.3

Take Over Blender Preferences - Help Transition From Old Version To New Version

Blender 3.3 LTS was released in September 2022~ Blender is a software that is upgraded rather often. While it is nice to see the software become more user-friendly with each new version, Blender...
Blender 3.3

Introduction Add-on - Maya Config Addon For Blender

If you want to use Blender with a Maya-like feel, you can add an add-on. In this article, we will introduce an add-on called "Maya Config Addon For Blender" which is actually used by ...
Blender 3.3

Blender: Dictionary-Like Index By Item

This is a dictionary-like index for browsing Blender-related articles in the blog "3DCG Living". You can jump to the article content of the corresponding link from the item of Blender name or function. (Smartphones and other devices...)