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Indie Game Creation

Writing App Nola - Also Useful For Creating Game Plots And Setting Documents!

I have been working on my own personal game production. This time, I would like to introduce a tool called "Nola," which I use to compile data on the characters and worldview of the game. I would like to share with you some of my favorite points...
Indie Game Creation

HDD to SSD replacement for an ultra-comfortable computer! Easy System Clone Migration

I recently replaced the hard drive in my computer with an SSD. Then my computer started running faster and became much more comfortable~ If you have an old computer that is slow to start up, or if you are suffering from the 100% disk usage problem, please contact us at ......
Indie Game Creation

Lopo-san Maker! - 3D Model Maker Online for Avatar or Game

On November 24, 2021, "Loposan Maker" was released~ Loposan Maker is a character model maker that can be played in a web browser... It is made with Unity's WebGL, which is the same on a computer or smartphone...
Indie Game Creation

If you only have an account under a trade name, freelance! Freelancers who want to operate under a pseudonym must see

★Good News★ Freenance has entered into a partnership with Adobe! When you subscribe to Freanance Regular or Premium, you will receive Adobe Creative Cloud and several other Adobe products...
Indie Game Creation

POTOFU - Create Portfolios By Linking To SNS Such As Instagram!

On June 14, 2023.6.14, the service to link Twitter to POTOFU activities was terminated due to the end of Twitter current API provision...! Instagram, YouTube, and OFUSE activity...
Indie Game Creation

3D Model Character Lopo-san Series Now On Sale! - For Game Production and Modeling Practice

Loposan series models, including low-poly models, are now on sale at BOOTH "Toha's Store" ~ In this article, we will explain how to utilize the Loposan series and more. This article describes how to use Loposan series models as materials for game production, or as character models for study....
Indie Game Creation

Freelance health insurance - In Kansai, there is also Kyoto Artists' National Health Insurance Association

■■ Notice ■■ In April 2022, the Kyoto Artists' National Health Insurance Association's website seems to have been revived! The website has been renewed to be easier to read and understand than before.
Indie Game Creation

My computer ran out of memory! ~Preparation and practice up to and after memory expansion

In 2020, in line with current trends, most of TOHA's outsourced work has been done at home. What has become apparent as work at home has become the norm is the problem of "insufficient memory on home computers. TOHA's personally owned pa...
Indie Game Creation

Good Working Chair - If Hurt Your Buttocks & Thighs, Buying a Good Chair Used Is Recommended!

After quitting the company and starting my own private practice, I found out that I work on the computer every day at home. My buttocks and thighs hurt like hell when I sit in a chair and work for a long time..! Even when I am making 3DCG at work, I sit all day long...
Indie Game Creation

IMPORTANT!!! Back up your computer! ~The data you have created is your property, protect it yourself!

The other day, I had a problem with my computer suddenly not booting up. It happened while I was working on a 3D model! I had been taking backups of my computer since I started my personal activities...
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