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Good Working Chair - If Hurt Your Buttocks & Thighs, Buying a Good Chair Used Is Recommended!

Good Working Chair - If Hurt Your Buttocks & Thighs, Buying a Good Chair Used Is Recommended!

I quit my job and started working as an independent contractor, and found myself working on a computer every day at home.

My butt and thighs hurt like hell when I sit in a chair and work for long periods...!

When I was working on 3DCG at work, I was sitting all day long, and I was allowed to use a very "nice chair" at work.

I didn't realize how much of a pain in the butt I could get if I used a regular chair at home! I was surprised.

As a result of the measures taken, the pain in my buttocks has improved with the use of a high-performance chair that I got at a great price now.


This article is about getting a "good chair" that doesn't hurt your buttocks at a reasonable price for those who, like Toha, sit in a chair and work for a long time.

I would like to write about the actual chair that Toha uses and the story of his unsuccessful attempt to improve the pain in his buttocks by using a cushion.

If you have trouble with sore hips and thighs from sitting, or if you are considering the purchase of a slightly better chair, please read on~!















Thanks a lot for the feedback! It's helpful~!


Recommend buying a good chair used


First of all, let me give a summary of Toha's conclusions first.

  1. For your health, don't be stingy with the chairs, get a good one.
  2. But good chairs are too expensive, so I'd recommend buying used ones.

"buying a good chair (high-functioning chair) used" is the recommended optionin terms of toha.


The chair that Toha purchased used and still uses today is called the "Leap Chair".


It's a well-known high-function chair.If you buy a new one normally, it costs about 140,000-150,000><
however30,000-40,000 if used.You can purchase them at


You may think that used products are used and easily broken and that they are not hygienic or something.

However, these high-function chairs are often used in company offices, and there are quite a few stores that specialize in taking back chairs from companies, servicing them, and selling them secondhand.

So even though it is used, it has been properly maintained by the vendor, and I think it is a rather safe purchase.

There are also used high-functioning chairs on Yahoo! Auctions, and Rakuten that are listed by used furniture stores.

The chair is not new, so there are some minor scuffs and scratches, but the functions of the chair are perfectly usable.


Incidentally, there is a reason why Toha chose the Leap Chair from among several "good chairs".

So, I'd like to talk about the reasons why, with a little bit of Toha's experience, starting next - I'd like to talk about the reasons why.


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Working on the chair all day and my butt hurts like hell!

Before purchasing a good chair, Toha used this chair to do various computer work at home.

Toha's ordinary chair

The chair has a backrest & elbow rest, casters, adjustable height, and decent functionality in its own right. However, as you can see, there is no cushioning at all, so I used a cushion on the seat.

If I worked in this chair from morning till night every day. My butt and thighs are getting really sore...!

I really couldn't take it anymore, my hips and thighs were starting to hurt.
I can't do the work!

This is bad for my health, I can't work, I have to do something...

As a way to do something about it as soon as possible, Toha came up with two ideas.

  1. Buy a nice chair
  2. Buy a good cushion

In the meantime, it's cheaper and easier to buy a cushion, so I decided to buy a cushion first.

By the way, I bought one like this.


Putting down a good cushion didn't help the pain in my butt...

As it turned out, even a good cushion on the chair didn't improve the situation at all!

feeling sad

Perhaps, the seat itself is hard and flat, so no matter how many cushions I put on it, it may not have been very effective. My buttocks and thighs are still sore...

Unfortunately, the cushions I bought seem useless.

With Operation Cushion having failed, there is only one left.

  1. Buy a nice chair


I immediately did a lot of research on good chairs.

I've read a lot of articles on the internet about chair-related reviews, and this one was the most helpful to me personally - I found it to be the best.


Here is a good point in this article.

  • It's written by someone who actually sat in various chairs and compared them.
  • Good chairs in different price range from inexpensive to expensive.


Chairs are very difficult to compare and verify because you don't buy so many of them. Therefore, articles written by people who have sat in many chairs and compared them are helpful in many ways.

(Though personal preferences for chairs vary widely, so other people's impressions may not necessarily apply to you.)

I also learned about getting a high-function chair used from this article. It also recommends chairs in different price ranges, which I think is helpful if you want a new chair but don't have the budget to spend.

If you are considering purchasing a computer work chair, please read on!


And I'm reading this article.
I thought, "Oh, by the way, didn't Toha use one of those nice chairs at work?" I remembered that.


Specifically, I was allowed to use an "Aeron chair" at the game company where I worked for six years, and an "Okamura Contessa" chair at the 3DCG production company where I worked for four and a half years.


Both of these chairs are named when it comes to high-function chairs.

Neither of the companies that Toha worked for was a big company, but they let him use their nice, expensive chairs, and he was deeply impressed by that.

Even in those nice chairs, my butt and thighs would ache after a day of sitting and working.
It's no wonder my butt hurts more if I keep working on a regular chair...

It comes to mind.


...Yes, that's right. Even expensive, highly functional chairs will hurt your butt if you sit on them all the time.


When he was using the Aeron chair at work, he had pain in his "buttocks and back of thighs," and when he was using the Contessa, he had pain in his "mainly buttocks."

Sitting directly on the chair doubles the pain, so I put a low rebound cushion on it, but it still hurts.

And one thing I noticed "Both the Aeron chair and Contessa were mesh material systems".

Chairs with mesh seats and backs are breathable, so they don't get too stuffy even after sitting for long periods. However, mesh fabric is firmer and harder than fabric material, so your buttocks will hurt. (In the case of Toha)


This is why Toha has chosen "Leap Chair" as his chair for home work~.


The aforementioned reference article also recommends it as a "low-fatigue chair," and since I know that the Aeron chair and Contessa chair hurt my buttocks I chose this chair because I know that the Aeron chair and the Contessa chair hurt my buttocks, and I wanted a chair that felt different.


I bought this leap chair used instead of new.

I make my purchases on Yahoo! A store specializing in used furniture has a selection of chairs on Yahoo!

When Toha was checking Yahoo! A store called Used Office Furniture JAWS store had a leap chair listed on Yahoo!

You can also buy from the store's website, but Tohha offers various discount policies if you shop at Yahoo!


I wrote about the measures to save money on Yahoo!


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Expensive highly functional chair and the pain in my buttocks improved tremendously

Now, here is the actual Leap Chair that Toha is still using today.

Leap Chair V2 by TOHA

My butt and thigh pain has improved dramatically since I started using the Leap Chair~!

It's wonderful that my butt doesn't hurt!

My impression of the Leap Chair is that it is more plush and comfortable than the Aeron chair Contessa, but the breathability is not that good, so it gets stuffy and sweaty when it's hot. I feel like I'm not comfortable.

For Toha, the top priority is that her buttocks and thighs do not hurt, so she is greatly satisfied.

If you sit for too long, you may feel some pain, but in that case, you should correct your posture or stand up for a while to exercise or take a break.


One thing to note is that not only the Leap Chair but also the Aeron chair and Contessa...These high-function chairs are generally quite heavy themselves.

If the chair is placed directly on a wooden floor, it may get scratched, so I think it is safer to use it in a carpeted room or with a chair mat.


I use my computer in a tatami-matted room, rather than a wooden floor, and I have not had any problems using my chair or the tatami mats with two chair mats stacked on top of each other.


Also, highly functional chairs are rather large in overall size, so be aware of that when considering a purchase.

Comparison of Leap Chair with ordinary chair

The Leap chair doesn't look that big in the pictures in the store, but it is big enough in reality. I think the Aeron chair is a bit bigger than the Leap. (*The Aeron is also available in size S.)

If you want to see the chair in person and decide if it's right for you! If so, you may want to visit a used furniture store (such as Office Busters, etc.) where you can try out the furniture~!


By the way...

The elbow rest on the Toha Leap Chair is only on one side because I removed one of them myself. Originally, it was properly attached to both sides.

The elbow rest on the left side of the Leap chair has been removed because the elbow rests collided with each other when I purchased a product called Ergorest Arm Support.


The ergo rest and arm support are also quite good, so I may write an article about them if I get around to it. If you are interested, please refer to this article.



I learned about Ergorest from someone I met on Twitter :)


Summary: Chair is important item for people who sit and work for long periods


In this article...

  • The fact that my buttocks hurt so much after sitting and working in a regular chair for a long time.
  • That the pain in my buttocks improved when I started using a good chair (high-function chair).

I wrote about the

High-performance chairs are designed for extended periods of sitting and working. They are certain to have a positive effect when used, but they are also quite expensive.

So, Toha's recommended option is "buy a good chair (high-function chair) used".

  1. For your health, don't be stingy with the chairs, get a good one.
  2. But good chairs are too expensive, so I'd recommend buying used ones.

If you buy from a store that specializes in used office furniture, you can rest assured that it will be well maintained and cleaned.

If you're not comfortable or concerned about used chairs, Refer to this reference article for a list of recommended chairs by price range. I'm sure you can find a nice chair that fits each person's budget.


For people who use computers to create things, such as 3DCG artists and illustrators, chairs are quite important items.

I think it is really important in terms of the person's health, rather than work efficiency.

If the chair doesn't fit you, not only will your butt hurt, but you risk back pain and a straight neck.

For those who sit and work on a computer for long hours, I hope they will take care of their health as much as possible and continue to enjoy their creative activities for a long time.


*If your eyes are getting tired from production activities, please pay attention to your monitor~!


Plus: There is also the option of working standing up


There are standing desks in the world.


Some companies encourage people to work at their desks standing up, because sitting all the time is not good for the body, and standing up is more productive and less tiring.

Then there are desks such as standing desks, which are lever- or electric-powered and can be freely changed in height, allowing users to sit or stand and work.

I have never used it myself, and I have no plans to use it at the moment because I am too weak to work standing up, but it seems that sometimes it is easier to work standing up if you have back pain.

If you find it hard to sit down and work, or if you want to work more healthily, you may want to try a standing desk.


This was extra information!

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