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3DCG Artist

3DCG Artist3DCG Artist

This category is recommended for those who are aspiring to become 3DCG artists and
those who have started working for a company as a 3DCG artist.


3DCG Artist

START Sketchfab! - How To Make Toon 3D Models with Sketchfab

There are currently many different options for platforms where 3DCG designers can upload their creations, and one of them is Sketchfab. In this article, we will discuss Sketchfab and...
3DCG Artist

Work or Hobby? - 3DCG And Cooking Are A Bit Similar

Tohya is not very good at cooking. But nowadays, I work from home and sometimes cook meals because going out is not an option for me. Recently, it occurred to me that making 3DCG and cooking are...
3DCG Artist

Game Work - 3DCG Artist Work Differs Between Development Companies & Subcontractors

There are many ways to describe the job of a "designer who creates 3DCG for games. In another article, I have written a summary of the job description and callings of a game CG designer, but this time, I would like to introduce the designer...
3DCG Artist

Summary Of Comments On The Blog 3DCG Life! (3rd Anniversary Update)

I realize that quite a few years have passed since I opened my blog "3DCG Living" in March 2019. We are running this blog by hand, but thankfully a lot of people are looking at this blog. ...
3DCG Artist

Register with VacancyCreators! - Matching service for creators.

- May 4, 2020 Additional Information - On May 1, 2020, VacancyCreators appears to have been relaunched as a service called CONETORI. Reference link: "...
3DCG Artist

Results Of Daily Recording In 3DCG Work - Work Records Are Full Of Useful Information!

I have found that taking daily notes of my 3DCG work can be useful information. Let me show you how keeping a record of your 3DCG work can be useful, with examples.
3DCG Artist

When Don't Have The Motivation? - How To Control Own Motivation

It's good to be a 3DCG designer, but the 3DCG work is hard. My bosses and seniors don't praise me and always give me crap about it.
3DCG Artist

PureRef VS Kuadro! Comparison Of Two Useful Software For Viewing Images

In another article, I wrote that it is better to look at a lot of material images when creating 3DCG. In this article, I would like to introduce you to a useful tool for viewing collected...
3DCG Artist

Change From Different Job To 3DCG - The Working Etiquette & Experience Are Your Big Strengths

Can a person with a job unrelated to 3DCG change jobs to the 3DCG industry? The answer is YES! In fact, there are examples of securities professionals and chemical researchers who have turned into professional 3DCG designers...
3DCG Artist

Clean 3DCG Data - What a 3DCG Beginner Has Taken Care Of In Work

When I was a novice 3DCG designer who had just started my career, I felt guilty about my lack of skills and experience because I had no experience in 3DCG. In such a situation, I thought that if I didn't have the skills and experience, I could at least do this well...