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When Don't Have The Motivation? - How To Control Own Motivation

When Don't Have The Motivation? - How To Control Own Motivation
  • It's nice to be a 3DCG artist, but 3DCG work is hard.
  • Bosses and seniors don't praise me and always give me bad advice.
  • Everyone around me is better than me and I'm not sure I can do it.

When this happens at work, I get very upset and my motivation to work goes down.

There is not a single positive effect of a loss of motivation. It makes you feel depressed, makes you not enjoy various things, and makes you not want to make 3DCG.

But if you are making 3DCG for work, you cannot say so. Work doesn't wait for you, so you need to somehow recover your lowered motivation.

In this article...

I'm not motivated, but there are things I have to do.

In such a situation, if you learn how to control your motivation, you may be able to do well - I will write about such things.

This is not to say that this article will motivate you.
We hope this will be an opportunity for you to find your motivational control method.

Motivation is a word used to mean "motivation," "willingness," "motivation," etc.


This world is filled with events that de-motivate

feeling sad

In my work as a 3DCG artist, I come across a lot of events that reduce my motivation.

For the 3DCG that we worked so hard to create...

  • A storm of no-no's from senior supervisors
  • Devilish revision instructions from the customer
  • Innocent criticism from users

...There are many things. Not only in our work but also our creative activities, we are always subject to criticism and criticism.

This in itself is not a particularly bad thing; it is a natural part of life, as there are all kinds of people living in this world, with all kinds of tastes and ideas.

I think we all know that in our heads.

However, when something that I have created is actually criticized or ruined, no matter how much I may know it in my head, I am still upset.

On the contrary, even just going about one's daily life, upsetting events are everywhere.

  • Something bad happened.
  • I got into a fight with someone.
  • I dropped my wallet.
  • My cell phone is broken.

And so on. It is common to feel depressed or down about even the slightest thing.

Whenever we encounter a setback, our motivation is usually lowered.

However, this motivation is sometimes an important part of creating 3DCG.


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The motivation of the creator affects what is created


Simply put, the quality of 3DCG created with low motivation often tends to be low.

Low motivation is, simply put, a state of being unmotivated.

Toha believes that the same thing will turn out differently if you make it in a state of unmotivated and if you make it in a state full of motivation.

It is difficult to prove because it is a mentality, but I think it has a small impact.

Besides, if you are in a low-motivated state, you will not enjoy making 3DCG.

  • I'm not happy, I'm not in the mood, I'm not motivated.
  • You can't do something good if you don't want to do it.
  • I'm not happy with myself, and people don't praise me.
  • I'm depressed again and my motivation is down.

...and could get stuck in a negative loop.

For 3DCG artists who want to create good products, a decrease in motivation is a problem.


I want to learn how to control my motivation


So what can we do to solve this "problem of low motivation"?

Simply put, if you remove the cause of low motivation, motivation will not be low. If the cause is known and the method of removal is clear, this will solve the problem.

But in reality, I think it rarely works out that way.

In any case, events that lower motivation usually comes from outside oneself.

It is not easy to improve the environment and circumstances outside of oneself.


For example, when a supervisor or senior staff member gives you a bad advice,
If would just think about the way you say it, it would make a big difference in the impression, I think.

When I see users' comments,
With just a little consideration, it could be taken as a sincere opinion rather than an accusation, I think.

But you can't control someone else's intentions and actions to your liking.

It is far more difficult to control someone else when you can't even control yourself well.

Discussing and sharing opinions, rather than control, can improve the situation.
Working outside of yourself to improve the situation is worth trying.

But if it still doesn't work, I have no choice, I have to deal with it within my control.

The only thing you can control, and that is usually only yourself.

That's why Toha always wants to learn how to control my own motivation.

If you do that,Even if you cannot prevent your motivation from dropping, you can raise it and restore it yourself.


Everyone has their own way of staying motivated, first get to know yourself


How can I control my motivation?

Toha thinks it is important to know yourself well first.

For example, if you search for keywords such as "motivation up" or "how to motivate," you will find a variety of information on motivation.

I think that some of the information that comes up in the search has some evidence, and if you try to implement it, it will have a certain effect. The contents of this site and others seem to be convincing and quite effective.

However, just as the causes of motivation decline differ from person to person, so do the factors that motivate people.

The way you find out about it on the Internet may not be the way you want to do it.

I think it's a good idea to first get to know yourself and find a way that works for you.


For example, in the case of a toha in 3DCG work...

I got a bunch of revision orders! And the contents are too unreasonable!
in such a case,  I'll do it tomorrow - I'm going home fast today and playing all my favorite games!

A lot of revision work is a pain in the ass, but I can't stop doing it!
in such a case,  Let's work with our minds empty while listening to our favorite music...

I'll have to work overtime today... I can't finish all my work...
in such a case,  Let's go out for lunch and eat something tasty!

It looks like this.

It doesn't do much, but I know that this will restore my motivation.

I think there are some people whose motivation does not change even after eating delicious food. I am sure that there must be a method of motivation control that only that person knows.


Some people are more motivated when they have others to compete with, while others prefer to work hard toward a goal on their own.

Some people are more motivated by deadlines, while others are less motivated by the pressure of meeting deadlines.

There are many people who feel energized when they think about their favorite actor or favorite character, who feel refreshed when they exercise without thinking about anything, or who feel refreshed when they go out drinking with good friends.

When does my motivation turn upward? Knowing this, you will know how to control your own unique motivation.

So first, it is important to get to know yourself better.


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You are your partner who will be with you the longest! Care yourself!


Once you know yourself, you can modify your motivation upward.

Controlling motivation, however,
It is not something you do to force yourself to make something better.

I do this to cheer myself up, to get back to my original motivation, by working with, cajoling, and praising myself when I am feeling a little down, unmotivated, and listless.

I believe that the best partner who will stay with me to the end is myself.

It may be a strange idea to think that my partner is me.
But when you think about it, doesn't that make you feel like you have to take care of yourself?

Whether you work for a company as a 3DCG artist, are active as a freelancer, or create 3DCG as a hobby, I think everyone is often working in cooperation or competition with someone else, and interacting with others.

But it is you who will be with you longer than anyone else.

If you don't work on yourself, the person who has the closest relationship with you, you won't be able to continue working or doing anything for a long time.


For example, when you are busy at work and work late every day, your body may be extremely tired even though you are motivated.
If you leave it as it is, your body may get tired first against your feelings.

Even if there are no technical or physical problems, if you keep forcing yourself to do things that you really don't want to do, your mind may get tired and you may end up hating it all.

If such a thing were to happen, the result would not be good for you or those around you.

First and foremost, you need to take care of yourself, your number one partner.

I believe that working on oneself and controlling one's lowered motivation to turn it upward is "the secret to continuing working as a 3DCG artist for a long time.


Summary: Motivation control methods are about finding a good way to deal with yourself


In this article, I wrote about controlling one's motivation.

The motivation of the creator affects what he or she makes.

You don't have to be a highly motivated 3DCG artist all the time, but you don't want to be in a state of low motivation if possible.

To achieve this, we want to learn how to recover from lowered motivation on our own.


How to motivate upward, this is different for everyone.

Just as a little bit of motivation can be lost, a little bit of motivation can be regained.

Once you know what "a little something" means to you, I believe you will find your unique way to control your motivation.

I hope that you will take this opportunity to learn more about yourself, with whom you will have a long relationship for years to come, and try to get along with yourself and your motivations.


It's more fun that way.


If 3DCG is too hard for you and you can't stay motivated, please take a look at this article.

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