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3D Model Creation

3D Model Creation 3D Model Creation

This category summarizes what is useful to know when creating 3D models.
The main focus is on "how to think" in 3D model making, not on how to use 3DCG software.

■■ Here is a 3D model I recently made.


3D Model Creation

Hair Modeling - Anime Hair is Difficult (Video Summary)

I just had a thought and uploaded a new video series to Youtube - this article will summarize and summarize the explanations discussed in each video. The title of the video is "Short Hair Modeling is Difficult" ^^^ Ron...
3D Model Creation

3D Modeling Tips - Defeat Unnatural! The Human Eye Is Sensitive To Unnatural

This article is written for those who have ever had the problem that their 3D models don't look good after they are completed...
3D Model Creation

Low-poly Teaches Us - Every Polygon Have Means Something

On May 6, 2020, an event named after this day, 256fes (hosted by zen) was held... Many people tried their hand at modeling within 256 polygons, and the Twitter feed #256fes was...
3D Model Creation

Low-poly Character Modeling From Scratch! - How To Make 3D Model

I will introduce how we modeled a character from scratch using this model for illustration purposes, and we will also write about the "thinking" and "points" when modeling.
3D Model Creation

Character Model Necessary Blueprint? - Not Recommend Modeling Relies on Blueprints

In this article, I will write about why I do not recommend modeling that relies too heavily on blueprints, using various examples.
3D Model Creation

Quality of 3D Models - Important to Collect Many References

Once upon a time, my 3DCG teacher at a vocational school told us, "The more reference materials you collect, the better the quality of your work will be. The more reference materials I collect, the better the quality of what I create.
3D Model Creation

Basics of 3D models 2) - The 3DCG World is a Collection of Polygons

Before you start creating a 3D model, there is something you should know. That is polygons. If you think you know what polygons are, you don't need to read this article. But, polygons are just that... squares...
3D Model Creation

Basics of 3D Models 1) - The 3DCG World is Managed by Coordinates

There are many different types of knowledge and skills required to be able to create 3D models, but if you divide the various types of knowledge and skills into types, there are only two. ~ The two types of things needed to make a 3D model ~ The need to be able to do a number...
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