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Select The Interesting RPG Based On 3 Elements: Characters, Worldview, and Story! [Toha's Theory]

Hello, I'm Toha, a video game lover now and forever. As an adult, I can buy and play any game I want whenever I want and enjoy it very much.

The Story Of Quit My Artist Job At A Game Company For What I Wanted To Do

Toha is a person who went from a working adult with no experience in 3DCG to a 3DCG designer through a computer graphics technical school. Moreover, he is also someone who has had the desire to become a game creator ever since he was in junior high school...

What Are 3 Things Absolutely Need To In Life? - A Story Of The Question Asked Job Interview

About six years after becoming a 3DCG designer at a game company, Toha was looking for a new job. I was told that it was easy to change jobs in the 3DCG field to another company in the same industry, but that was a lie.

Why Chose A Career In Game-Making - After Game-Loving Child Became Interested In 3DCG

This is a story from the past. This is a story about a kid who just loves video games, but became interested in 3DCG and was pursuing his dream of "working in the game making industry in the future". What got him interested in 3DCG...