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Select The Interesting RPG Based On 3 Elements: Characters, Worldview, and Story! [Toha's Theory]

Hello, I'm Toha, a game lover now and forever. As an adult, I can buy any game I want, whenever I want, and play it freely. I bought...

The Story Of Quit My Artist Job At A Game Company For What I Wanted To Do

Toha is a person who went from being a working adult with no experience in 3DCG to becoming a 3DCG designer through a computer graphics technical school. At the age of 25, his dream of becoming a game creator came true...

What Are 3 Things Absolutely Need To In Life? - A Story Of The Question Asked Job Interview

About six years after becoming a 3DCG designer at a game company, I was looking for a new job...

Why Chose A Career In Game-Making - After Game-Loving Child Became Interested In 3DCG

This is a story from the past. This is a story about a child who was interested in 3DCG, and was pursuing his dream of "working in the game making industry in the future.