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Blender 3.3

Blender vs Maya ! Comparison of 2 Softwares By Game Character Modeler

Currently, Toha uses Maya for corporate game projects and Blender for personal 3D model creation. This time, I wrote an article that I could write only because I am sure that I am such a Toha. The title of the article is... Comparison of Blender and Maya - Game...
3DCG Artist

START Sketchfab! - How To Make Toon 3D Models with Sketchfab

There are currently many different options for 3DCG designers to upload their creations, and one of them is Sketchfab. In this article, we will discuss the features of the Sketchfab platform and...
Indie Game Creation

Writing App Nola - Also Useful For Creating Game Plots And Setting Documents!

I have been working on my own personal game production. This time, I would like to introduce a tool called "Nola," which I use to compile data on the characters and worldview of the game. I'd like to share with you some of my favorite points...
3D Model Creation

Hair Modeling - Anime Hair is Difficult (Video Summary)

I just had a thought and uploaded a new video series to Youtube - this article will summarize and summarize the explanations discussed in each video. The title of the video is "Short Hair Modeling is Difficult" ^^^ It is different from long hair...
Indie Game Creation

HDD to SSD replacement for an ultra-comfortable computer! Easy System Clone Migration

I recently replaced the hard disk in my computer with an SSD. I recently replaced the hard drive in my computer with an SSD, and my computer now runs faster and is much more comfortable....
Indie Game Creation

Lopo-san Maker! - 3D Model Maker Online for Avatar or Game

On November 24, 2021, "Lopo-san Maker" was released~ Lopo-san Maker is a character model maker that can be played in a web browser. it is made with Unity's WebGL, and can be played with the same controls on a computer or smartphone....
Blender 3.3

Bake In Blender - Gradients With Textures

I need to bake a gradient color into a texture in Blender! So here is a summary of the procedure for baking gradients in Blender. Baking a gradient drawn on another texture to the texture of the production UV...
Indie Game Creation

If you only have an account under a trade name, freelance! Freelancers who want to operate under a pseudonym must see

After graduating from the company in May 2019, Toha has continued his personal production activities under the name "Toha". From the beginning, I never thought of using my real name. At least, I will not use my real name in my online and social networking activities...

Select The Interesting RPG Based On 3 Elements: Characters, Worldview, and Story! [Toha's Theory]

Hello, I'm Toha, a game lover now and forever. Now that I'm an adult, I can buy any game I want whenever I want and play freely, and it's so much fun. I didn't have the money to buy them...
Blender 3.3

UV Unwrap In Blender - How To Manually Unwrap UVs

I want to do UV development in Blender. I want to open them the way I want and arrange them nicely. That's all I want to do... but I don't know how! When you first start working with Blender's UVs, especially if you came to Blender from Maya...