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Blender 3.3

UV Unwrap In Blender - How To Manually Unwrap UVs

I want to do UV development in Blender. I want to open them as I want and arrange them nicely. That's all I want to do... but I don't know how! When you first start working with Blender UVs, especially if you came to Blender from Maya...
Indie Game Creation

POTOFU - Create Portfolios By Linking To SNS Such As Instagram!

On 2023.4.22, the service to link Twitter to POTOFU activities will be terminated due to the end of Twitter current API provision...! (*End date still undecided) Instagram, Yo...
3DCG Artist

Work or Hobby? - 3DCG And Cooking Are A Bit Similar

Tohya is not very good at cooking. However, these days, working from home has become the mainstream and going out is a hassle, so I sometimes cook a meal. Recently, it occurred to me that making 3DCG and cooking are a bit similar. In this article...
Blender 3.3

Blender Videos Summary - Making it Easy and Beautiful

We have received several comments on this blog asking us to explain Blender in a video as well. I was not going to do a video because I am not good at talking... but for some reason, I decided to do a short video on Blender...
Blender 3.3

Bake In Blender - Matcap To Texture

I want to bake a MatCap (matte cap) into a texture in Blender! So, here is a summary of the procedure for baking MatCap in Blender. I'll try to be as brief as possible - Preparation Matcap baking...
Blender 3.3

Bake In Blender - Ambient Occlusion (AO)

I want to bake ambient occlusion into a texture in Blender! So, here is a summary of the procedure for AO baking in Blender. I'll keep it as brief as possible - Preparation Prepare the object to be AO-baked...
Indie Game Creation

3D Model Character Lopo-san Series Now On Sale! - For Game Production and Modeling Practice

Loposan series models, including low-poly models, are now available at BOOTH "Toha's Store" - This article will explain how to use the Loposan series and more. The models can be used as materials for game production, or as character models for study...
Indie Game Creation

Freelance health insurance - In Kansai, there is also Kyoto Artists' National Health Insurance Association

■■ Notice ■■ In April 2022, the Kyoto Artists' National Health Insurance Association's website seems to have been revived! The website has been renewed to be easier to read and understand than before.
3D Model Creation

3D Modeling Tips - Defeat Unnatural! The Human Eye Is Sensitive To Unnatural

This article is written for those who have ever had the problem that their 3D models don't look good, and after they are completed, there are many parts that bother them...
Indie Game Creation

My computer ran out of memory! ~Preparation and practice up to and after memory expansion

In 2020, in line with current trends, most of TOHA's outsourced work has been done at home. As work at home has become the norm, we have come to realize that there is a problem of "insufficient memory on home computers. The personal computer that TOHA personally owns...