Low-poly, light, simple.

Low-poly model Lopo-san series now on sale

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Blender 2.8/2.9

Blender Videos Summary - Making it Easy and Beautiful

I have received several comments on this blog asking for a video commentary as well. I had no intention of doing a video because I am not good at talking... but for some reason, I decided to...
Blender 2.8/2.9

Bake In Blender - Matcap To Texture

I want to bake a MatCap (matte cap) into a texture in Blender! So, here is a summary of the procedure for baking MatCap in Blender. I'll try to keep it as brief as possible~ Pre...
Blender 2.8/2.9

Bake In Blender - Ambient Occlusion (AO)

I want to bake ambient occlusion into a texture in Blender! So, here is a summary of the procedure for AO baking in Blender. I'll try to be as brief as possible~ Preparation AO Bake...
Indie Game Creation

3D Model Character Lopo-san Series Now On Sale! - For Game Production and Modeling Practice

BOOTH "Toha's Store" is now selling Loposan series models including low-poly elements~ In this article,...
Indie Game Creation

Freelance health insurance - In Kansai, there is also Kyoto Artists' National Health Insurance Association

■■ Announcements ■■ In April 2022, the Kyoto Artists' National Health Insurance Association's website seems to have been revived~! The website has been renewed to be easier to read and understand than before, so be sure to check it out...
3D Model Creation

3D Modeling Tips - Defeat Unnatural! The Human Eye Is Sensitive To Unnatural

This article is about a 3D model that I made by myself, but after I finished the model, I found a lot of things that bother me...
Indie Game Creation

My computer ran out of memory! ~Preparation and practice up to and after memory expansion

In 2020, in line with current trends, most of TOHA's outsourced work has been done at home. As work at home has become the norm, we have come to understand that there is a problem of "insufficient memory on home computers. Toha...

The Story Of Quit My Artist Job At A Game Company For What I Wanted To Do

Toha is a person who went from a working adult with no experience in 3DCG to a 3DCG designer through a computer graphics technical school. Moreover, he is also someone who has had the desire to become a game creator ever since he was in junior high school...
3D Model Creation

Low-poly Teaches Us - Every Polygon Have Means Something

On May 6, 2020, an event named after this day, 256 Fest (hosted by zen) was held~ Many people tried their hand at modeling within 256 polygons, and the Twitter feed #2...
3DCG Artist

Game Work - 3DCG Artist Work Differs Between Development Companies & Subcontractors

There are many ways to describe the job of a "designer who creates 3DCG for games. In another article, I have written a summary of the job description and callings of a game CG designer, but this time, I would like to introduce the designer...