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Indie Game Creation

My computer ran out of memory! ~Preparation and practice up to and after memory expansion

In 2020, in line with current trends, most of TOHA's outsourced work has been done at home. What has become apparent as work at home has become the norm is the problem of "insufficient memory on home computers. TOHA's personally owned pa...

The Story Of Quit My Artist Job At A Game Company For What I Wanted To Do

Toha is a person who went from a working adult with no experience in 3DCG to a 3DCG designer through a computer graphics technical school. Moreover, he is also someone who has had the desire to become a game creator ever since he was in junior high school. At the age of 25, he wished...
3D Model Creation

Low-poly Teaches Us - Every Polygon Have Means Something

On May 6, 2020, an event named after this day, 256fes (hosted by zen) was held... Many people tried their hand at modeling within 256 polygons, and the Twitter feed #256fes was...
3DCG Artist

Game Work - 3DCG Artist Work Differs Between Development Companies & Subcontractors

The term "game 3DCG designer" covers a wide range of jobs. In another article, I wrote about the job description of a game CG designer and how it is called...
3DCG Artist

Summary Of Comments On The Blog 3DCG Life! (3rd Anniversary Update)

I realize that quite a few years have passed since I opened my blog "3DCG Living" in March 2019. We have been operating this blog by hand, but thankfully, many people have been reading this blog. And more than I imagined...
Indie Game Creation

Good Working Chair - If Hurt Your Buttocks & Thighs, Buying a Good Chair Used Is Recommended!

After quitting the company and starting my own private practice, I found out that I work on the computer every day at home. My buttocks and thighs hurt like hell when I sit in a chair and work for a long time..! Even when I am making 3DCG at work, I sit all day long...
Blender 3.3

Blender Modeling [Addendum] - Improve Efficiency By Using Shortcuts & Add-ons

I have written about the basics of modeling in Blender in two articles, "Modeling in Blender (Practical)" and "Knowledge". However, if you want to start modeling in earnest using Blender...
Indie Game Creation

IMPORTANT!!! Back up your computer! ~The data you have created is your property, protect it yourself!

The other day, I had a problem with my computer suddenly not booting up. It happened while I was working on a 3D model! I had been taking backups of my computer since I started my personal activities...
Blender 3.3

Take Over Blender Preferences - Help Transition From Old Version To New Version

Blender 3.3 LTS was released in September 2022 ~ Blender is a software that is upgraded rather often. It is a pleasure to see the software become more user-friendly with each upgrade, but...
3DCG Artist

Register with VacancyCreators! - Matching service for creators.

- May 4, 2020 Additional Information - On May 1, 2020, VacancyCreators appears to have been relaunched as a service called CONETORI. Reference link: "Entertainment-specific SN...