Low-poly, light, simple.

Low-poly model Lopo-san series now on sale

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What Are 3 Things Absolutely Need To In Life? - A Story Of The Question Asked Job Interview

About six years after becoming a 3DCG designer at a game company, Toha was looking for a new job. I was told that it was easy to change jobs in the 3DCG field to another company in the same industry, but that was a lie.
Blender 2.8/2.9

Blender: Dictionary-Like Index By Item

This is a dictionary-like index for browsing Blender-related articles in the blog "3DCG Living" by picking up the contents. You can find Blender's name and functions by clicking on the corresponding links....
Blender 2.8/2.9

Blender Modeling [Practice] - Learn how to use, Create want models

This article is a step-by-step explanation of how to use the most commonly used tools and tricks for modeling in Blender while creating a 3D model. If you want to learn how to use 3DCG software,...
Blender 2.8/2.9

Blender Modeling [Knowledge] - Know Where Menu You Want To Do

Blender is a multifunctional 3DCG software. It has various functions, most of which can also be operated with shortcuts. But the shortcuts are based on the keymap you are using, and people...
3DCG Artist

When Don't Have The Motivation? - How To Control Own Motivation

It's good to be a 3DCG designer, but the 3DCG work is hard. My bosses and seniors don't praise me and always give me crap about it.
3DCG Artist

PureRef VS Kuadro! Comparison Of Two Useful Software For Viewing Images

In another article, I wrote that it is better to look at a lot of material images when creating 3DCG. In this article, I would like to introduce you to a useful tool for viewing collected...
3D Model Creation

Low-poly Character Modeling From Scratch! - How To Make 3D Model

I will introduce how we modeled a character from scratch using this model for illustration purposes, and we will also write about the "thinking" and "points" when modeling.
3D Model Creation

Character Model Necessary Blueprint? - Not Recommend Modeling Relies on Blueprints

In this article, I will write about why I do not recommend modeling that relies too heavily on blueprints, using various examples.
3DCG Artist

Change From Different Job To 3DCG - The Working Etiquette & Experience Are Your Big Strengths

Can a person with a job unrelated to 3DCG change jobs to the 3DCG industry? The answer is YES! In fact, there are examples of securities professionals and chemical researchers who have turned into professional 3DCG designers...
3DCG Artist

Clean 3DCG Data - What a 3DCG Beginner Has Taken Care Of In Work

When I was a novice 3DCG designer who had just started my career, I felt guilty about my lack of skills and experience because I had no experience in 3DCG. In such a situation, I thought that if I didn't have the skills and experience, I could at least do this well...