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If you only have an account under a trade name, freelance! Freelancers who want to operate under a pseudonym must see

If you only have an account under a trade name, freelance! Freelancers who want to operate under a pseudonym must see
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After graduating from the company in May 2019, Toha has been working as an independent producer under the name "Toha".

From the beginning, I never thought of using my real name for my activities. I don't think I will ever use my real name again, at least not in my activities on the Internet or through social networking sites.

But when my individual activities gradually bore fruit and led to work, I had a problem.

it is "Name of the bank account to which the income will be transferred." It is!


In this article, we will discuss the results of our research to create an account in "Toha's name", and how we have been able to create it.
We finally got there.Freenance."I will write about a service called

The trigger was the name of the account, but when I actually used it, I found many good things about Freinance.

Freelancers who want to have an account with only a trade name or pseudonym, and sole proprietors who want to have a guarantee and social credibility in case of emergencies, please read on!



*Freanance will be available from October 2022.Free, Regular, PremiumThe membership is now divided into three membership plans.


Note that the "Anshin Hoshou" that used to be included simply by using a Freeplans account is now called "Anshin Hoshou Basic" in Freeplans, and some of the coverage has been changed.I'm a little shocked!


Change of contents of Freanance Anshin Hoshou 1
Change of contents of Freenance Anshin Hoshou 2


Please visit the invitation page of \TOHA\³.



Few accounts allow the account name to be only a trade name or pseudonym.

feeling sad

First, let's talk about why Toha had trouble with the name on the bank account.

Generally, when a sole proprietor is commissioned by a corporation to do work, in order to be paid for the work, he or she mustbillshould be issued. The invoice should clearly state the following

Matters to be specified on the invoice
  • Name or title of invoice preparer
  • Name or title of business partner
  • Date of Transaction
  • Transaction details
  • Amount of transaction
  • Payment due
  • payee


And then...In principle, the "name of the invoice maker" and the "name of the account to which the payment is to be made" must match.Here it is.


If TOHA issues invoices under the name "TOHA" or the trade name "tohawork" that is written on the opening statement, the name on the account to which the money is transferred should also be "TOHA" or "tohawork".

Conversely, if the tohaIf you only have an account in your real name, it is recommended that your real name also be listed on the invoice.If you don't do so, it will be complicated when the recipient processes the invoice.

In short, even if Toha was operating without using his real name, his real name would be revealed because of the name on the account.


Ma. In fact, if you are in a relationship where you communicate properly and receive work requests and invoices, there is no problem if your real name is revealed. In fact, the other party may feel safer if your real name is written.

But Toha, at this time, was

If I continue my personal activities under the name "toha" or the trade name "tohawork", I would like to have an account in the name of toha~!That's why we thought of it.


Now, I've said a lot of preamble, but here's the main issue.


How can I have an account in the name of a trade name or pen name?

As it turns out, it is possible to open accounts in the name of a trade name or pseudonym at various major banks.

However, the only bank where accounts can be opened in the name of a store name only or a pen name only is Japan Post Bank at present.

At Japan Post Bank, you can open a bank account with only a trade name. Since the account is opened in the name of collecting membership fees for a circle or club, in addition to the usual required identification documents and personal seal, a membership agreement and membership list are also required.

Sole proprietors must see! Comparison of banks where you can open a bank account with your business name Adapted from

At other banks, the rule is that the account name should be "trade name + real name".The "M" in the name of the company is "M" in the name of the customer. This rule seems to be in place to prevent crimes such as bank transfer scams and various other crimes these days.


So, I guess I don't need my real name in the account name after all...

Here's Freenance!

At Freinance, you can create an account under an account name with only a trade name or a pen name.

This pageyou can see that the name of the Toha's freenance account is "Toha Work".


An account, however, is not a freenance account and cannot be used for savings or anything like that.

Business income deposited into the Freinance account is automatically transferred to the main bank you set up.It is as it should be. You only keep it temporarily.

To name the account under a trade name or pen name, you need to submit a copy of your business registration, but that was enough for TOHA to have an account in the name of only a trade name, so it was like, "Yay~!


So, I registered with Freinance just because I could have an account in the name of my company.

After a while, I began to realize that "free nance had other advantages.



There are actually many advantages to having a Freinance account.


Satisfied with the creation of an account in the name of the trade name, and having left the account created for a while after that, Toka receives an email from Freanance.

If you do not use your Freonance account, it will become "dormant" and you will not be covered by the Peace of Mind Guarantee.



What is the Anshin Guarantee? I forgot to use it after creating an account! again, let's check on freenance...
Services you can receive by using your Freonance accountThere were a number of

If I am told that I will not be able to receive service if I don't do this, I will wait, wait, wait, and use it properly~! I'll wait and use it properly! Taking this opportunity, I started to use my Freonance account, which I had neglected.


Now, let's take a look at some of the benefits of using a Freonance account.

I will also explain the precautions for each service.


(i) You can have an account whose name on the account is only a trade name.


Freanance.You can create an account in the name of your trade name only.I have already written about this.

I think this is great for people like Toha who do not use their real name, or who use a pen name or maiden name for their main activities. It's kind of cool to have a bank account in the name of a trade name ^^^.


Please think carefully before deciding on the name of your account, as the following precautions should be taken~.

Notes on Freance Accounts
  • Freinance accounts cannot be used for person-to-person transactions (only transfers from corporations are allowed).
  • A business opening notification is required to open an account in the name of a trade name or pseudonym.
  • A copy/extract of family register is required to open an account in the name of maiden or middle name.
  • Accounts whose name on the account is different from the real name may not be designated as a transfer account for other services.
  • You can easily change the name of your account at Freinance, but the account number and other information will change when you change it.


First, this is important.

  • Freinance accounts cannot be used for person-to-person transactions (only transfers from corporations are allowed).


Q&A hereAs noted in the
To prevent money laundering, etc.The Freance account can only be used for transfers from corporations.

For example, if an illustration is commissioned by an individual
The compensation cannot be transferred directly from the individual to the freenance account.

If the requesting party is a corporation rather than an individual, a freenance account is available.

Freelance designers and illustrators may do a lot of work for individuals, but if you are working through a corporate-run service such as Lancers, Coconara, or SUKIMA, there is no problem because the payment will be transferred to the corporate account.

One more note here!

  • Accounts whose name on the account is different from the real name may not be designated as a transfer account for other services.


When using services such as Lancers or Coconara, you should
Accounts whose account name does not match the name of the person registered for the service may not be designated as the account to which funds will be transferred.


quite a lot

As discussed scoreThe more transfers you make to your Frenance account, the easier it is to use Frenance by increasing the number of transfers.Accounts in the name of a trade name may lose opportunities in this regard.


incidentally The account to be registered for BOOTH transfers is so Only accounts under the trade name of Freinance are also acceptable.It is!

Thanks to this, TOHA has been able to enjoy the services of Freinance on an ongoing basis.BOOTHThank you to



(2) Anshin Guarantee is applied if the account is used.


The first highlight of the Freanance service is actually thePeace of Mind Guarantee.Maybe it is.

Freanance Peace of Mind Guarantee

Anshin compensation covers accidents on the job and accidents caused by defects in deliverables.(up to 50 million yen)Compensation for accidents specific to freelancers caused by information leaks, copyright infringement, and delivery delays due to accidental incidents, as well as(up to 5 million yen)The following is a list of the most common types of products that can be used.

From the official Freanance website


For more information on warranty coverage, please contactLink toPlease take a look at the official website of the ~.

In short.A service in which Frenance guarantees up to 50 million yen in damages when a sole proprietor has a problem with a client and is required to pay compensation.Here it is.


It's a kind of insurance service.No lump-sum paymentHere it is.

The conditions for coverage under the Anshin Warranty areAre you using a freinance account (is there a deposit)?only.

*Freanance will be available from October 2022.Free, Regular, PremiumThe membership is now divided into three membership plans.


Note that the "Anshin Hoshou" that used to be included simply by using a Freeplans account is now called "Anshin Hoshou Basic" in Freeplans, and some of the coverage has been changed.I'm a little shocked!


Change of contents of Freanance Anshin Hoshou 1
Change of contents of Freenance Anshin Hoshou 2


If there is no deposit in your account for a certain period of time (about a year, based on Toha's experience?) If there is no deposit to your freinance account for a certain period of time (about a year, I guess?), your account will be "inactive" and the peace of mind guarantee will not be applied.

*For Regular and Premium plans, even if there is no deposit to the account for a long time, it will not be suspended.


You can get a damage guarantee just for using your Freonance account.If you are a sole proprietor, you may want to open a freenance account for now.


From the perspective of a 3DCG designer, which is what we do at TOHA, we are among the guaranteed targets.Information leakage, copyright infringement, delivery delaysis something that can happen in unforeseen circumstances, etc., even if you are very careful.

If by any chance such a thing should happen and they claim damages...


I don't want to think about it, but it is a "peace of mind guarantee" for such a situation, so I would feel a little safer if I had it.


By the way, from August 2020."Peace of Mind Guarantee Plus."The service has also launched a new service called

this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)Depending on the monthly lump-sum payment, theGuaranteed income for up to one year in the event that you are unable to work due to injury or illnessdo for meThis is a service called

Even as a 3DCG designer, your body is your capital...

I am seriously considering whether or not to enter ^^^.


There are many other insurance products that are similar, but it seems that you can get in at a discount if you go through Freanance.

This pageIf you are interested in this service, please give it a try.


(iii) A service called "immediate payment" is available.

I see

Along with the Anshin Warranty, another feature of Freenance is theImmediate payment."service.

Freenance Immediate Payment

Instant Payment is a system that buys your invoices and transfers the proceeds to your bank account as soon as possible. The fee ranges from 3% to 101 TP2T of the invoice face value; the more you use your freenance account, the lower the fee. The more you use your Freonance account, the lower the commission fee, and your clients will never know you are using instant payment.

From the official Freanance website


If you've ever actually worked on someone's commission, or sold something through a private store like BOOTH, you're probably familiar with

There is a time lag between when you work/sell something and when you receive the compensation/sales for your work.

It is usually a month off, and in some cases it may be later.


This situation can cause problems when, for example, a credit card debit is due before the income transfer date - the so-called "cash flow.

In such a case, you can use the same-day payment service to get paid immediately.Income transfer date can be moved forward....and the dimensions are as follows.

Hmmm. This is a service that I think might be useful if it were available in an emergency.


However!The following are some of the caveats

Notes on immediate payment
  • There is a screening process for immediate payment services.
  • The fee for using immediate payment starts at 101 scoreFees are lowered by


For more information on the screening process for using immediate payment.This articleThe details are described in the following table.


So far, TOHA has not yet used immediate payment, so what is it like to actually use it? We do not know about that.

However, there are quite a few people who are registered with Freenance who are using the immediate payment.

Why?Freanance" is funded by commissions from immediate payment services.From.


Naturally, operating funds are required to operate Freonance, but users can use their Freonance accounts for free. So where does the money come from? The answer is "commissions".

The default fee for immediate payment is 101 TP2T.will be.

It is not cheap, but it is understandable considering that this is what supports the operation of Freonance. And yet, this fee isThe more you use your freenance account, the lower it goes, and eventually you can make it to 31 TP2T.

If you are attracted to the same-day payment service, please take the above information into account and make good use of it.


Note that immediate payment is available even if you have not designated a freenance account to which the bill is to be transferred.

(This part was hard to understand, so I contacted Freinance to confirm!)

Currently, TOHA does not designate a freinance account as the payee for invoices for outsourced projects. But even with such invoices, if the application is approved, they will be paid immediately.


Q&A hereAlthough it is located inIn this case, you get paid on the same day, and you deposit the amount into your own account at a later date.He says you can do that.

I'm sure I'm not mistaken, since that's what it said in the email in response to my inquiry - I'm not sure.


(iv) Even a sole proprietor with no name can obtain a certain level of credit.


Now, the last of the benefits of freenancing, which is"A certain degree of social credibility."Here it is.


A person who is a sole proprietor or a person engaged in freelance activities is, in general, less socially creditworthy.

Individual designers and illustrators are increasingly receiving work through social networking sites and other means, butNowadays, it is easy to disguise one's identity and background on the Internet and social networking sites.

A pigeon that doesn't even have a real name like Toha is already full of suspicion.

I doubt if it even exists.


Is it safe to ask such an unknown person to do a job?

What if something goes wrong? What if they claim damages, will they be able to pay?


From the point of view of a company that hires someone to do a job, this kind of thing is naturally a concern.

To be clear, there are many people in today's world who can make 3D models/paint pictures. And they are all good at it.If the technicalities are side by side, those with good social credentials are more likely to be selected.


TOHA's Freenance Member Page

People who register and create an account with Freinance can create their own member page like this one...TOHA's Member Pagethe following three contents are listed with icons.

~ Information to be listed on the membership page ~ ~ Information to be listed on the membership page ~ ~ Information to be listed on the membership page
  • Identity verified
  • Anti-Social Forces Database Verified
  • Warranty


I mean, at least the one called Toha.

  • It's real, and it's real properly.
  • I'm not a member of any antisocial group.
  • I have insurance for damages in case of emergency.

that is.Frenance can attest to this.Translation.


By presenting the Freenance membership page to your business partners as needed, or by making it publicly available somewhere for them to view.It can provide some degree of social credit that is difficult for sole proprietors to obtain.

I think this is another great benefit that you can receive by using Freonance.


*For more information on what is listed on the membership page, please visit theThis pageYou can check it at ~↓.


If you want to be prepared for the future, you want to raise your Freonance credit score.


Finally, the FreenanceCredit Score.The following is an explanation of the following

What is a credit score?

It represents your credit score within Freenance on a 1,000-point scale. As this score increases, you will be able to take advantage of more services, such as instant payouts. We are also steadily preparing to make a variety of other services available to you.

From Freanance Q&A


Your Freanance credit score is gradually added each time a deposit is made to your Freanance account.

Other than that, you can also earn credits by linking your freenance to Google and facebook, answering phone interviews, and uploading documents such as tax certificates.

The more you use Freenance, the higher your credit score will be, and the closer you get to 1000 points, the lower the fee you will be charged for using the service.


As of January 2022, the only fee that is clearly affected by credit scores is the immediate payment fee.

It does not matter whether your credit score is low or high, unless you use an immediate payment service.

However, this is only "for now," and as noted in the explanation, there is a possibility that some service related to credit scores will be added in the future.

Incidentally, as of the writing of this article, TOHA's credit score looks like this.

Toha's Freanance Credit Score

At first it was 320, so I guess it's a blip - I heard that when it gets to about 500, the fee will be 91 TP2T.


Freelance credit scores cannot suddenly be significantly increased.

The number of points that can be increased by linking with external services is limited, so the only way to increase the number of points is to steadily increase them through the Freonance account.

So even if you don't need freenance right now, you can
If you plan to use it in the future, it's best to open an account early and raise your credit score.Here it is.

It is a good idea to prepare now so that you can make convenient use of it when you want to use it.



Summary: Freinance accounts should be created and nurtured as early as possible.


Freinance, which Toha registered to have an account in Toha's name.

If you use this service without understanding what it is, you will not get much benefit from it, but if you use it with an understanding of "I see, this is what a freenance is! If you use the service with an understanding of what it is, you will benefit in many ways.


Here's what Toha thinks are the benefits of freenance.

There are also notes about each of these servicesSo, I hope we can make good use of freenance based on these factors.


Some of you may not be familiar with bank account names or damage coverage.

And Toha himself didn't really understand it at first.

But,Not yet, but in the future I would like to work independently and freelance...If you are one of those people who think that you are ready for the future, it's good to prepare now for the future.I think.



In one of Toha's favorite movies, "Spy Game," a very cool character played by Robert Redford says this very cool line.

When did Noah build the Ark? Before the rain started. Noah built the Ark before it rained.

From the movie "Spy Game


Everyone, please be prepared for emergencies "before it starts to rain"! ^^^^^^^^.



If you read this article and think "Let's sign up for Freenance! Please click the button below to start by registering your e-mail address~!You are on the invitation page from TOHA!



There is no first-come, first-served basis, so take your time!


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