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3DCG Is Hard? Don't Be Impatient - 3DCG Is Slow But Sure To Get Good

3DCG Is Hard? Don't Be Impatient - 3DCG Is Slow But Sure To Get Good

This article is...

I started 3DCG as a hobby! I want to make cute models like VTubers, but it's too difficult and I'll fail...

To those who are, or

I got a job as a 3DCG artist in a company! But making 3DCG for work is so difficult...

This is a must-read for those who are interested in this topic.

Many people start 3DCG because they admire the cool and cute 3DCG works in the world and want to make something like that too.

But when you actually try it, you may not be able to make it as well as you expect.

How can I learn to make it better, how can I catch up with the artists around me at the company...

This is a gift for those who have such concerns.


There are a lot of good 3DCG people out there!


The Internet, Twitter, Instagram... there are many places where individuals can upload their 3DCG work.

When I see that kind of thing, they are all amazing! They are so good! I think.

There really are a lot of people out there who are good at 3DCG!

When you see someone's good 3DCG, do you think "I want to be able to make something like that too! or
It is up to each person to think, "I can't make something like this, what should I do...?"

I'm going to be able to make it for sure! It is a good thing to aim for high goals, isn't it?
Let's go for it!

But you may lose motivation and confidence because you compare yourself with someone else who is good at it.

We all have those feelings, but


You don't have to be downhearted~

Toha would like to say.


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3DCG is hard, no one is good at 3DCG from the beginning


Even those who are veterans and very good at 3DCG, or those who are still students but are very good at 3DCG, were not good at it from the very beginning.

There was a time when absolutely everyone was a beginner in 3DCG.

Those who are good at making now are here today because they overcame the times when they were not so good.

Those who are worried that 3DCG is hard and cannot do it well.

That is perfectly normal.

Even those who are good at making 3DCG are making 3DCG while thinking that it is hard.


I have been making 3DCG for more than 10 years, and I have never been able to do it easily. Every time I make a 3DCG, I have a hard time making it.

However, the more 3DCG you make, the better you get at it, so the areas that beginners and veterans find hard will vary.

When you become able to do something difficult at first, another difficult thing will come up. And when you become able to do it, the next difficult thing will appear.

In this way, I gradually become able to do what I think is difficult and gradually become good at making 3DCG.


You don't get good at 3DCG quickly if you're in a hurry

feeling sad

So, even if you work hard at 3DCG, you will not suddenly become good at it right now.

You can only improve gradually. But if you keep at it, you will get better, gradually but surely.


I've been trying to figure out why 3DCG seems so difficult to begin with.

  • I don't know how to use software to make 3DCG.
  • I don't know where to start making it right.
  • I don't know how to make it better.

I wonder if it is. What I don't know is difficult.


Especially right after you start doing 3DCG, there are so many things you don't know, so you can't keep up with everything.

If I think that I have to do this and that all at the same time, my head will explode.

There is a limit to the number of things a person can remember at one time. No matter how hard we study, a day is a fixed 24 hours, and if we work too hard, we will get tired.

The only way to learn what you don't understand is to understand it one at a time as you learn it.

So we can't get good at 3DCG right away.


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Continue with the spirit of "If can grow even one more thing today than yesterday, that's OK"

So, in the end, I can't keep up with the people who are good at 3DCG...

I think it would be a good idea.

I wanted to make a model of a cute character, but it takes time until I can make it. Even if you can make a model, many people can make prettier characters than you.

If you think so, you may still lose your motivation.



When that happens, stop looking up!

There are really a lot of people who are better at 3DCG than I am, so there is no end to what I can see up there.

It's all very well to have a goal that you want to be like that someday, but if that goal is too far away and you can't see it clearly yet, you don't have to look at it.

Instead, I will try my best to achieve my tiny goal every day.

You can set specific goals for each day, but here's what I think of Toha, who is a pain in the ass.


If I can grow one more thing today than I did yesterday, It's OK!


If you learn something new today that you did not know yesterday, it means that you have grown by 1 point since yesterday. If you continue to do this every day, you will grow by about 30 points in a month or 360 points in a year.

Of course, if you wanted to grow faster, you could try your best to grow 10 points per day.

When I compare my current self with the goal I have set for myself in the distant future, I feel that I have not yet achieved it. I get impatient when I think, "I need to get to that point as soon as possible," and I feel depressed at my inability to do so.

When that happens, I stop looking far away and compare myself yesterday with today.

If it grows by even one point compared to yesterday, it's OK, and if it grows by five points, I feel happy!

Wouldn't that be a more enjoyable way to continue learning 3DCG, even if it is hard?


Indeed, 3DCG is often hard, but if you keep at it, you will get better at it.
I think the biggest waste of time is to stop in the middle of a project.

So it is important to keep going, even if only a little at a time.

You can't get good at 3DCG if you don't keep at it.


The more you do it, the better you'll get at it for sure


There are two main categories of what is needed to make a good 3DCG.

Two types of things are necessary to improve 3DCG
  1. Things that need to be made a lot
  2. Things that need to understand the way of think


Of these, "those that need to be done in numbers" can be called "familiarity" or "experience".

The more 3DCG you make, the more "familiarity" and "experience" you accumulate and the better you become at it.

If you don't just make a lot, but make a lot with an understanding of the way of think, you will be better at it.

Conversely, even if you only understand the way of think, if you don't make it, you won't get good at it.

The more you move your hands and create various things, the better you get at 3DCG for sure.


It takes a certain amount of time to make a single 3D model, so it is quite difficult to make many in a short period. Therefore, it is better to make a lot of models in a long period, even if it is slow.

Isn't it a bit of good news that the more you do it, the better you get at it?

Even if the 3DCG I have created now doesn't turn out very well, it means that what I have created has not been in vain!


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Summary: Enjoy 3DCG slowly and without rushing!


The first thing I want to say in this article is this.

Let's enjoy 3DCG slowly and without rushing~


The CG industry is a fast-paced one, and new information is constantly flowing in. So I have the image that it's a fast-paced industry and that CG professionals need to know all about this and that.

But, I know, we can't learn everything at once!


For those who want to do 3DCG or are just starting in 3DCG, this is a great place to start...

I hope that you will continue to enjoy 3DCG for a long time with the spirit that it is OK if you grow even one more today than you did yesterday.

The longer you keep at it, the better you get at 3DCG.


We recommend keeping a record of your 3DCG work so that you can feel yourself growing a little bit each day. For more information, The Recording of your 3DCG work.


If your goal is too far away or you feel down compared to those around you, I think it is a good idea to pamper yourself a little to restore your motivation.


Now, I am learning Blender and Unity to create games on my own, but there are so many things I don't understand, and there are so many independent game developers in the world, that I sometimes feel uneasy.

But, well...
In such cases, I have to may pace and take things a little at a time.


Extra: If you want to get good at 3DCG as quickly as possible

in feverish haste

I'm saying "slow down and have fun" and all that, but when I changed careers from another industry to a 3DCG artist...

"I want to learn 3DCG and become a 3DCG artist in about 1 year!"

I strongly believed that this was a good idea.


If you want to improve your skills as quickly as possible in this way, I would like to tell you that you can also use a 3DCG technical school or correspondence course.

These schools will teach you to the point and the point and will boost the speed of your 3DCG progress. (You will have to pay for the course, though.)

If you want to boost speed by self-study, I think the best way is to make a lot of things by hand. The other thing to do is to understand how to think.

I have written a bit about "how to think about creating 3D models" on this blog.
If you like, you can also take a look at the article 3D Model Creation, please take a look at the article as well :)


Incidentally, Toha has done both, studying on his own and at a technical school.

The advantages and disadvantages of self-study and technical schools respectively are discussed in What Working Adult With No 3DCG Experience Does Become 3DCG Artistr.


If you're curious check it!

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